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Hello again, long-lost livejournal from aeons gone by.

I'm older now, but I guess so are you.

And less inclined to babble and sign myself off with some semi-pretentious little symbol thinger. I also have a slightly better grasp on the finer points of at least making my ranting slightly humourous.


It is at this point, I suppose, that I go all New Years' resolution on you and declare my undying love for blogging from now until the rest of eternity.

That's not going to happen, is it?


I suppose if I have the time to come and bitch to no one on here, I might, but otherwise... don't get your hopes up. This is a novelty post. A wave hello from the future pressed and kept in the time capsule marked "DO NOT OPEN".

I wax lyrical when I'm slightly overtired.
In case you couldn't tell.

Say 'New York' Seven Times, Quickly

It becomes 'nyork'. xD So, yeah, the whole day I have been telling people that they're just nyork. Which is a new word I have invented. Which means, alternately, really cool [loosely] or really stupid [again, loosely].

This is not an oxymoronic word. I swear. I just happen to use it for both purposes. xD


No I am NOT babbling to distract myself from the fact that I'm fasting. My head hurts, but I'm not going to go away from the computer or stop listening to my music, because that wont help, first off, and secondly it is what I am using to occupy my thoughts.

Seriously, fasting is really easy when you're not thinking about it. It's only tough in those moments when you're just sitting there, and you think to yourself 'damn, my stomach needs food' and then you're all set on a downward spiral from there into the pit of hungriness.

Or something.

Anyway, point is, I am, while ostensably doing my LO project, stopping myself from running to the fridge every five minutes to open it and stare blankly at the reams of food that *I can't have* because it's a fast.

So, yeah, shurrup.

*runs away*


I changed my backgroundy thing. Hurrah. >.< Dunno how long it will last, considering that it's already beginning to hurt my eyes with its brightness.

I would like to state that I hate school.
For the record.

My confidence is at an all-time low. I got a bad mark on my Science paper, which - thanks to all the other shyte in my life right now - started the downward spiral. I got an A on my Biology test that was handed back the other day, and shortly afterwards I wrote a Science test that actually went okay.

Then today, I got 60% on my maths test.
And what REALLY sucks is that I personally know people who would be SO chuffed to get a sixty. I am sickened by my own high standards, and at the same time so disappointed in myself. I know I can get As. I know I can.

Shit. No. I'm not so sure any more.

But once upon a time I got As for maths, and I'd like that time to come back.
Because I'm really tired of crying.

Sorry about all the swearing. >.< I guess I just needed to offload a little. There's not actually that much, but for me, who NEVER swears, it's...a lot.

go back to your happy little existance of ignoring i exist.
thank you.
good night.


That would be me. xD

I have a shytload of RPs to reply to. On many sites. >.< SO WHY THE HELL AM I PROCRASTINATING ON THIS STUPID THING?

Good question.
I do not have an answer.
I'm working on one; it'll have to be good to convince me though.

List time!
*clears throat*

The List Of Stuff and Nonsense [and also maybe a few RPs]

!. Threads on UHogs, Kir
@. Threads on UHogs, Gydran
#. Threads on DM, Kir
$. Threads on DM, Suss
%. Threads on DM, Alex
^. Echo Bay?
&. Thread on BtV, Ju

I love lists. ^^

And now I am going to stop babbling and actually - GASPETH - reply.
Also, for the record, I have seventeen million things to do for Monday [as in schoolwork] and I AM THINKING ABOUT DOING NOT ONE OF THEM.
Yay me.
I'll do 'em tomorrow.
I will.

Oh. And happy birthday to tawnykit, whose birthday it apparently was. I am no longer in contact with you, so I ain't gonna comment or nuthin' [mostly because you will have no idea who I am xD] but just in case you happen to be reading [YEAH RIGHT]...

That is all.

{who else


You Are 28% Cynical

Generally you give people the benefit of the doubt. But there are exceptions.

You buy into many of the things that mainstream society believes, but you're not anybody's fool.

I am a cynic. But only 28% of me is cynical. Which brings the immediate question... WHICH 28%? Like... do I have cynical eyes, or just toes, or is my liver the cynical bit?


Funny how I never write in this thing...until, I like, write in it.
GODS I must be exhausted.

i'm going to, um, i dunno, possibly start a new blog? or maybe just refurbish this one? DOES ANYONE CARE? NO? GOOD.
just establishing that.


Hey. *blink*


REEEEEEALLY long time since I've been here. I am such a strange person, seriously. -_-'' I was reading through my old posts and GEEEEZ.



And if I didn't spell that right... maybe i should stick with Technical Term. ;]

Hokai. *bored*


I'm going to quote myself here. The ultimate act of narcissism, or however the heck you spell the damn thing.

"Let's talk about... labels.


Be serious. Obviously we shouldn't label, blah blah blah, but think for a second. Judging is what being human is all about. Making choices, good or bad. It's human nature. If no one judged anyone, how would we have any limits?

I'm sorry, but I kind of HAVE to judge that man for killing. I HAVE to judge someone if they are a rapist, or a hijacker. I kinda HAVE to judge those girls for excluding me. I kinda HAVE to judge you... because if I don't... I won't know where I stand."

Or, if those quote tags didn't work, just know that it's from my other journal thingy on DM. ^^

Anyway. That's just my babbling. I thought I'd share it with you all.



You Are 20% Cynical

Cynical? Not even close! If anything, you're a bit naive.
Overall, you enjoy life and try not to be paranoid. Even if you've been burned before.

Ha. That's funny. The last time I did that I got 8% more. *sniggers* Go figure, eh? How is it that I've become LESS cynical is a mystery... I feel like I'm MORE cynical!

And yet, oh, the irony...

You Are Very Skeptical

Your personal motto is: "Prove it."
While some ideas, like life after death, may seem nice...
You aren't going to believe them simply because it feels good.
You let science and facts be your guide... Even if it means you don't share the beliefs of those around you.

Ha. A totally UNCYNICAL skeptic. Right. Yeah.

...and THEN:

You Are Somewhat Mature

You definitely act like an adult sometimes, but a big part of you is still a kid at heart.
While your immature side is definitely fun, you're going to have to grow up sooner or later.

I'm a kid-at-heart! :]

You see what I was saying about those contraditcions?? *shakes head* Tut, tut.

Our adsl cap is almost finished. I haven't been on DM for, like, 5 days because I don't want to finish it before the end of the month and get my compy time taken away. I already go WAY over my allotted hour... It's a pain in the bum. <_< I've been writing, though, so that's good. Got a coupla chapters of ADMUB finished, wrote (and posted!) a new chapter of Sleeping Beauty and finished chapter 3 of Just Desserts. I was reading all my old stories on ff.net. I haven't seriously been on there other than to post a chapter [and then leave] in AGESANDPAGES. So much is new, now. I'm out of the loop, and badly. Feeling like just packing the whole thing in and forgetting about it. I'm going now. My feet are freezing, so I'm going to put my slippers back in the microwave. [hahahahaha... no, i'm not going to explain. s'funnier if i just leave it as-is. xD] <3 me

About time, too

It's so long since I've updated.

I'm bloody lazy, that's what. *snort* And that's teh TRUTH.

Hmm... what to say?

Not a clue. I'm too sick-feeling to think straight. Have you noticed that I only write in this stupid thing when I'm sick? Go figger.


Anyway... I have discovered the joys of avatars, and have a mound of 'em. *squee!* I also have aquired OCMUCD.

That's Obsessive Compulsive Msn Username Changing Disorder, for the uninitiated... *teehee!*

Yeah. What else? I started a story journal - manya_shadowen, ro some such thing, but I haven't posted anything in it. *shrug* Too lazy, and also very blocked writing-wise.

Ciao, and all that jazz,

P.S. Mssrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs would like to point out that they have taken up permenant residence in this head.

P.P.S. And also, could Prongs PLEASE take down that Lily poster. It's a bad picture of her, firstly, and secondly - THAT'S JUST STALKERISH! And WRONG!

Back To School

Back to reality...


Back at school, today. It's ridiculous, since 20 of the 27 girls in my class are in Israel on Kfar...

I was all in favour of hibernating for the next four months (ahhh! sleep!) but this one %$*& parent (of a boy, nogal! ack!) kept going on at the meeting we had on Thursday night about how he wants his son to do WORK and keep BUSY.

So now our Science teacher has us 3 Science girls SNOWED UNDER already... I HATE PRECIPITATION!!

Well, not the actual stuff, but learning about it. *bleh*

I don't want to talk about it.

Oh YEAH!!!! I almost forgot!! Aladdin has, like TWENTY FRAKIN' SIX chapters! BOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

*happy sigh* I l0ffle that story. 'tis my longest. :) *l0ffage*


Nothing else of interest. No wonder I'm not one those famous bloggers that thousands of people read.

Actually, not sure I want to be.

Ciao, and all that j-a-z-z...

P.S. Came 11th in the Israel/Zionist Quiz. Won a portable CD player I don't need. I would've been fine to come 12th and get an mp3 player rather! (will tell about the excruciatingly boring evening if other news doesn't happen before next entry)

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